Brand Creation & Development
a cropped image of a hand holding a technical device

Brand photography builds the overall desired brand image only when each frame transforms into a consistent and authentic visual storyline that speaks the company’s story. And this storyline needs to also be immediately understandable to the viewer. Tieto had heard about our experience within the world of visual storytelling and asked our help in creating an engaging visual narrative for their renewed brand identity.

This was the deal: with their brand renewal, Tieto was making a shift from a generic tech company into a brand with a soul, and they needed to make a truly distinctive visual metamorphosis as well. We immediately knew that a huge company like Tieto would need to work a lot harder to feel approachable and human – attributes that the company already owns but hadn’t yet communicated the best way.

To make a tech company more human, images cannot be sales pitches, or commercials, but vivid portraits of true emotions and real scenarios – reminders of the value and beauty Tieto creates in everyday life. So we started to conceptualize from scratch a completely new way of showcasing the Tieto value within an emotional context.

Our view was that every single image should portray a truly authentic story that resonates on each of us on a personal level. The challenge? – how to keep the storyline concept consistent through all the whopping 12 business ecosystems where Tieto tech is integrated into.

To tackle the challenge of versatile ecosystems that range from for example healthcare to data comms, we needed to interpret the new Tieto brand level thinking into actual execution. We created a visual storyline idea that reflects the overall concept of a hero archetype.

We paired the Tieto lifecycle together with the human everyday hero lifecycle to form a symbiosis that tells the authentic Tieto story from all angles. During our elaborate photoshoots, we were writing a visual story of tech – from the abstract into the actual, throughout the whole spectrum of touchpoints where digital world meets the physical world.

Along with the brand imagery, we recorded our work and insights into 20-pager brand photography guidelines for the company brand manual.

The new visual storyline was met with great reviews and was recognized internally as a storyline the personnel can own and communicate. The ultimate result of the work for us is our continuing relationship with the company. We are now further developing the concept with the Tieto team with great things happening in the near future.