Brand Creation & Development
Photo of a person walking taken with slow shutterspreed

A project at MacWell is never just a project. We don’t do just a logo or shoot just a film or an image – we make brands. This expertise grants us an overall understanding of all layers and phases of brand development – and a way to tackle all the challenges a brand could face. This resonates in each case, like our relationship with Outokumpu that started with just a photoshoot and ended up as thorough brand guidelines for both videography and photography as well as brand illustrations.

We’ve been working with Outokumpu since 2014, developing and producing engaging materials to fuel pride in employment, help raise interest in new products, and support Outokumpu’s position as a global leader in stainless steel.

Our partnership relies on our brand thinking. Instead of searching an answer for a specific request, we create intuitive solutions for any problem – present or future.  

We look at the big picture and the various layers of the challenge and use this to consider the overall need of the client along with the consistency of the whole brand.

The main challenge Outokumpu faced was their location versatility in terms of brand photo- and videography.

Shooting takes place in different countries and in very different settings for color temperature with some locations underground, some in natural light etc.  

Outokumpu had never been able to tackle this challenge before. We came in to create a location-agnostic visual style that builds the Outokumpu brand equity.

In addition, we evolved the work into consistent brand video- and photography guidelines for their brand manual purposes with comprehensive directions for pre-planning, setting, lighting, art direction and color grading.