Microsoft Flux

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Microsoft Flux Logo on yellow background

A playground of ideas.”

Everyone knows Microsoft and its role in tech wizardry, but did you know about Microsoft’s soft side as a startup success enabler? A corporate giant with a will to give back to the community and engage locally? Yes. This is the story of Microsoft Flux – a Finnish startup community with an objective to help startups succeed and make Microsoft an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. The company just needed an engaging way to communicate these goals inside the space.

Together with the evangelists of Microsoft, we first created a tone of voice concept of “a playground of ideas.” We wanted our storytelling to emphasize Flux’s leverage as a culture of innovation rather than just a co-working space. After some deep research of the human psyche and the roots of creativity, we decided to open the doors of Flux for some innocent, child-like play and spontaneous joy. 

In spatial branding, we turned the environment into a space that fuels imagination by delivering an unrestricted flow of inspiration through eye-catching optical illusions and visual puns.

In look and feel, we sprinkled an element of fun into all brand assets from the logo and website design as well as architectural and portrait photography. 

The idea of spontaneous play also transcended from the high-level brand manifestations to a detailed communication strategy and SoMe content.

Our work with Flux and the fresh brand identity has been so successful that we are now taking it on the road and re-creating it in events around the world. We continue to work with Flux on a weekly basis and thus spicing up the Finnish startup industry with our special recipe for magic.